My name is Yim and I want to tell my story about when I got vertigo and how I could not even function as a human being.  All of a sudden out of nowhere the room started spinning and I was laying in bed with my toddler.  I thought maybe it will go away after I sleep it off.  A few hours later the condition got worse and I decided to take a trip to the ER.  I could not function in any form and with two little babies, I needed to take care of this situation and I was seeking for any sort of relief.  My husband drove me to the ER and they ran a cat scan, xrays, EKG's, blood work, and every test they could of given me.  Thank goodness I have insurance, I didn't even care as long as they can fix me.  Nausea and dizziness at this point was not under control and I couldn't handle it anymore.  The hospital staffs hooked me up to IV and gave me anti nausea medication.  I started feeling a little better as I waited for all of my results.  The doctors came back to tell me that all of my test results came back normal and its Vertigo.  They explained to me that this is a viral condition and there is nothing I can do to get rid of it, it will go away on its own over time.  Maybe in a few days, weeks, or even months.  This is probably the worse thing you can hear from a doctor- that there is nothing they can do to help you.  They also said if it goes away it can also come back at any time.  The hospital released me and I went home with some pills and felt the same as I came in. Days past and it started getting a little better.  I had good and bad days.  After about 3 days I was able to drive again, but I didn't feel confident as my brain was not functioning right.  The thought of driving my children around with this condition was not settling, but what can I do as a mother? I needed to move on with life.

About 3 weeks in, the vertigo got worse again and I felt defeated.  I couldn't deal anymore and decided to go to acupuncture.  The vertigo never fully went away, it would get better then worse and it was a roller coaster. Dr. Liu has been my acupuncturist for over 10 years now and I don't know why I didn't go to him in the first place, because who would think acupuncture can help with that?  I booked an appointment the same day in Manhattan and my husband drove me there.  After one session I felt 90% better.  The room finally stopped spinning and I wasn't nauseous anymore.  How can a few needles fix my vertigo in a few minutes?  The hospital billed over $15,000 in tests and all they do is give pills to everyone to suppress the problem more rather than fixing it. Dr. Liu told me that the problem is in my neck and the blood is not flowing up to my head.  By the second session, I was back to normal again functioning at 100%.   
After all these years I should of known better than to run to the hospital when something is wrong.  I am human and I panicked and thought it was something a lot worse and checked myself into the hospital. Acupuncture has proven to heal illnesses that hospitals cannot and at a much lower cost.  This is something that should be covered under all insurances and at a much higher payout because at the end its a lot more cost effective than running numerous tests that tells nothing.  Once you check into a hospital, it is routine for them to run every tests and running up the cost of figuring out a diagnosis. As a patient I wanted instant relief and not even think about the bills right at the moment.  Once I felt better and the bills came in the mail, I felt taken advantage of.  Over $15,000 in tests and yet they could not fix me or tell me anything.  Western medicine just gives out medication to suppress the conditions until something serious develops.  My insurance does not cover acupuncture and I'm making mortgage payments each month for health insurance.  Nothing makes sense in this world, all I know is that Dr. Liu is my savior and now I see him before going to the hospital.  Anytime I am in pain or stressed out, I go see Dr. Liu.  Not all acupuncturist all the same.  I lived far away at one point in my life and saw another acupuncturist and I will say that they were not effective at all in treatment.  He is a gem and I am so happy I found him over ten years ago.  I am selfish in the sense that I don't want to refer patients to him because I was afraid he would be too busy to see me, but he is a miracle worker and I cannot be selfish any longer.