How to obtain an appointment?  What locations are available?

Please call 212-397-8988  for an appointment at either the Manhattan office or the L.I. location.  The Long Island location is only available on Thursdays from 10am - 7pm.

What insurances are accepted?

Please call the main office at 212-397-8988 for any insurance questions.


What do I bring on the first visit?  What should I expect?

If you are scheduling for your first consultation with the Acupuncturist, please try to write down everything you are feeling before coming in.  Bring any test results, scans, tests (MRI, X-Ray, Catscan, etc.) to your appointment.

Please expect anywhere from 50-80 minutes for your first visit, since it will be the initial consultation visit so the acupuncturist can speak to you in detail on how you are feeling and what pain/discomfort you are in and customize a treatment according to your needs.